Web analytics for tourism business

One of online marketing main advantages is that there is no medium that allows tracking our messages difussion like the Internet does. Web analytics is crucial in order to identify the actions that allows us to better distribute our products and services through the net and, doing that, be able to rightly assign our resources to those which offers a better ROI. There are some tools that fulfill this task but there´s no doubt about Google Analytics reliability and powerful capabilities. 

Google Analytics is a tool that is hosted by Google and shows you how visitors actually find and use your site, so you´ll be able to improve your site to convert more visitors into customers. Google Analytics use a combination of JavaScript and first party cookies to gather anonymous data about your visitors. With Google Analytics you will be able to deeply track the user´s behaviour within your Website. Where they come from, which one is the better performance landing page, what is of interest to them or where they stay longer are only a few of the questions to which this tool is going to give you the right answers. Even if we have a search box in the Website we will see which terms is the people searching for and when. We can get information about the type of device is visiting us (computer, phone, tablet), from which city,  the pages viewed and even the visitor´s operative system. Among recent developments now is included a powerful area of social interaction analysis that is able to record many parameters.

Google Analytics Logo

Google Analytics Logo

In addition and in the event that we sell our inventory through the property´s Website is possible to identify one or more conversion funnels ir order to determine at what point in the buying process is occurring rebound and how we can improve that part of the conversion process. Even although the Website uses Flash of Ajax technologies we can employ the event track or virtual pageviews functions to track the user´s movements within the Website. Every kind of interaction can be tracked and give us valued information to improve our online offerings. For example, if we have a video in our site we will know how many users have seen it in, at least, the 90% of his duration which help us to have an idea of the performance.

Having qualified people is vital to extract valuable information from the tool and properly filtering the flood of data the tool provides. Thus we may use the information obtained to better tailor our offer to our potential target.

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