How to gain more customers via Facebook

Before launching a Facebook lead generation campaign you must set up a plan based on your specific goals. You can have several goals, for instance, increase your Fan Page´s reach, get new customers or more leads, inform your target about specifics offers or deals….

Because Facebook is a Social Network rich with demographic details about your audience, you can easily segment the market to reach the people that are exactly within your target. Using Facebook Insights or Google Analytics you can define your success doing that. You can segment by language, geographic location, gender, education level, occupation… Local business can specially benefit from geotargeting, reaching only people that are in their area and potential customers. We can´t forget the fact that, according to HubSpot, there are more than 400 million people using Facebook on their mobile devices, something to consider without any kind of doubt. But even if your product or service isn´t directed towards a specific demographic segment, Facebook also allows you to segment your target based on broad and specific interests.


Segmentation - Courtesy of HubSpot

Facebook Segmentation – Courtesy of HubSpot


For the tourism industry this is a key factor as you will be able to reach the right people at the right time. But before you must identify their needs in order to show exactly what they are looking for, what they are expecting from you as an irresistible offer. Facebook itself will give you the hints. If you´re using the comments and reviews that people are expressing via your Fan Page as an intelligence source you can extract important information on how to better communicate your messages to your potential customers. Which one is the best content to offer, when is the right moment to increase your ad campaigns frequency within the platform, when is better to change or improve your tabs with new content more adjusted to your target needs…


By using both organic and paid resources, you can turn Facebook into a lead generating source at a very reasonable cost. You can perform A/B tests to check the best versions of your campaigns and if you´re not seeing the results you were looking for you have the chance to make changes and try new ideas. You can test the images, the timing, the segments you can better reach and also the landing pages between many other things.



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