Website optimization for the tourism sector. On-page SEO

When we are in the process to optimize our Website we must take care not only with the actions we can technically cover inside our site, generally speaking doing easy the job for webcrawlers to index the content of the different pages in a particular Website, but also with the things occurring outside our site -off page- because such actions also has a powerful effect in search engine´s rankings when a user is actively searching for the products and services we offer.

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Web analytics for tourism business

One of online marketing main advantages is that there is no medium that allows tracking our messages difussion like the Internet does. Web analytics is crucial in order to identify the actions that allows us to better distribute our products and services through the net and, doing that, be able to rightly assign our resources to those which offers a better ROI. There are some tools that fulfill this task but there´s no doubt about Google Analytics reliability and powerful capabilities.  Continue reading