Social Media metrics. Conversation, amplification and applause rate.

Some time ago following to someone surprised via Twitter I met againg with Avinash Kaushik´s blog which, I must admit, had some time without visiting. In any case here in Canarias eTourism we wanted to deal with Social Media metrics and this Avinash´s post has certainly inspired to us. From the interesting reading you can extract a lot of information about the last trends for the results measurement of the brand´s presence in Social Media. The most important thing according to Mr. Kaushik is what happens after the publication of a post or a tweet depending on which network you use. The reactions to such messages by our potential target.

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How to gain more customers via Facebook

Before launching a Facebook lead generation campaign you must set up a plan based on your specific goals. You can have several goals, for instance, increase your Fan Page´s reach, get new customers or more leads, inform your target about specifics offers or deals…. Continue reading